Bonnie Suchodolski

Bonnie Suchodolski
Registered Spiritual Healer, Soul Therapy Practitioner

Bonnie sees clients in East London

Mobile: +44 (0) 7540 838 267


What Bonnie offers:

As a result of personal, spiritual and professional experience of the obstacles that hinder the healing process, Bonnie provides Soul Therapy healing. This combines connecting to chakras, thus enabling the development of our most absolute selves. Bonnie also incorporates yoga tuning into specific postures that benefit health limitations.

How Bonnie works:

Sessions often bring to the surface a number of feelings. Whether a client's first experience is either vocal or more thoughtful/self-reflective, each session is accommodated with forward movement in mind, body and spirit. Bonnie’s main focus is that the client feels comfortable throughout their time and that clients can walk away feeling engaged, energised, relaxed or inspired but most importantly, empowered. Bonnie believes that many clients can benefit and connect with their absolute selves without as much guidance as they may think they need.


Bonnie has always used homeopathy and experienced life to its very best. Seven years ago she had a health crisis, curiously yet wonderfully guided to the Agama yoga school in Thailand where she continued her spiritual path and achieved her Yoga Teaching Diploma. After six months of intensive emotional detoxification that delved into numerous significant and life transforming layers, Bonnie returned to the UK where she attended the Soul Therapy Centre as a student Healer. Bonnie is currently studying with the British Wheel of Yoga.


Do you struggle to deal with a life that exists outside of your work persona?
Do you feel that you spend more time with your colleagues than your friends - is that your choice?
Do you feel that you're being left behind by your other friends?
Perhaps you simply would like an opportunity to press the pause button and experience a sense of relaxation and feeling of being at complete ease within your own skin?


I experience life in a way that I hope will help you. It is so easy to feel lost and alone in this technologically-accelerated time. You need not be alone. I can help you identify what your emotional needs demand and most importantly I can help you find your own way.


Bonnie is a Registered Spiritual Healer with The Soul Therapy Association of Spiritual Healers (a member organisation of the British Alliance of Healing Associations). She is also a qualified Yoga Teacher, having trained with the Agama Yoga School and is currently undertaking further studies with the British Wheel of Yoga (National Governing Body for Yoga).

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